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Come, drink of the Lethe... [entries|friends|calendar]
Flood Spectre

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Social media presence [02 Mar 2013|01:31pm]
The best place to follow me would be on my Flickr, which I try to update as regularly as possible. It's my primary posting outlet.

You can also find me on Facebook at CM Goodenbury Photography. I post abandoned places photos there, but alongside my other, less depressing photos.

I'm also keeping a tumblr now, purely as a photo-blog. I call it Slowly Crumbling Away.

I'm on Instagram too. Search for cmgoodenburyphotography or follow this link.

Finally, I sell prints on my Etsy shop, Shadows and Memories.

One of these days I may start updating this LJ as well, but as more of an actual journal of my explorations instead of the BS it used to be. God I was whiny back then.
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Flickr [25 Jun 2012|07:26pm]
I'm just going to leave this here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/floodspectre/
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[03 Dec 2005|08:33am]
Animus Damno (8:31:35 AM): oh god i am making my self hungry again. this asian girl i go to class with loves food as much as me all we do is talk about eating
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[29 Sep 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | indesquishable ]


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It is foretold, Atlantis shall be destroyed [22 Jun 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

FloodSpectre462: huh. it's black metally.
FloodSpectre462: with an unusual number of non-metal instruments.
dunkelzahn32: black power metal?
FloodSpectre462: yeah, pretty much.
dunkelzahn32: BLACK POWER (metal) ;-)

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[03 May 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The Scratchware Manifesto.

Gamers might want to give this a read. Pretty interesting.

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This silent scream is stronger now [28 Apr 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Psyc0path7: freedom call is probably better than dragonland... though at the same time, not as good as dragonland ;-)
Psyc0path7: less stupid, but more mediocre

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[05 Apr 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

dunkelzahn32: if I had any time, I could so waste it

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[05 Apr 2004|08:24am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Car doors are frozen shut. Wonder if I'll get to classes today.

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I'm purified [31 Mar 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Quite possibly the weirdest game I have ever seen a preview for...
It looks like it could be really fun, in a strange sort of way. If you watch it, keep an eye on the counter in the upper left. The ball goes from less than a meter in size to 53m. Sick.

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[25 Mar 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]

A Ride through Chernobyl.

Thanks to Dave for linking me up to this.

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Sever the line to the guilty past, to the ones who brought us nothing [21 Feb 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

In case anyone was ever wondering, my subject lines in LJ are always lyrics to whatever I'm listening to. Otherwise, it's empty, because the song has no lyrics.

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[21 Feb 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | caffeinated ]

Cheer up, emo kid.

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[28 Oct 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so, the sun's kicked out a HUGE solar flare not long ago. the shockwave is expected to hit us sometime tonight or tomorrow. possibly take down some electronics, and more to my interest, it might spark the Aurora Borealis here in New York, or even further south. that's something i'm not interested in missing...


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[05 Sep 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | anxious ]

about to install WinXP. hoping it solves some problems, and more importantly, hoping it WORKS...

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anachronistic and impulsive [28 Apr 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]


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whispers a wish, speaks with the stars, the words are silent in him [15 Apr 2003|03:46am]
[ mood | content ]

it's so perfect out right now. warm, with a cool breeze, not enough to give you a chill, not too little to let you get hot. the sky is almost entirely clear, with small clouds gathered around the near-full moon. the city is illuminated by the dull orange glow of streetlights, and the streets themselves, devoid of any traffic or noise, short of the occasional train about a mile off. this is my favorite time of night. it's that odd state of tranquillity you'd think this place would never see.

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i've seen the moon and the first sunrise [07 Apr 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

so in the past week i've gotten a bunch of cds online (pretty cheap too :P)

Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth
Dark Moor - The Gates of Oblivion
Gravity Kills - Perversion
New Eden - Obscure Master Plan
Skrew - Shadow of Doubt
Snog - Third Mall From The Sun
Varga - Prototype
2 NIN singles and a Nuclear Blast sampler.

w00t. much music to enjoy !

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[31 Mar 2003|04:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

note to self: do NOT listen to your favorite songs before going to bed. this only delays you by an hour and a half.

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apathetic misery, this world is overrun with fools [31 Mar 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | amused ]

FloodSpectre462: did Type O do music for Descent 2 ?
AbsintheXL: ...
AbsintheXL: stop doing this
FloodSpectre462: doing what ?
AbsintheXL: Current music: Type O Negative - Haunted (Descent II Edit)
AbsintheXL: !!!!!!
FloodSpectre462: -LMAO-
FloodSpectre462: HOW !?
AbsintheXL: You're really scaring me
AbsintheXL: They did this one song, that's IT
FloodSpectre462: i'm scaring me too
FloodSpectre462: i don't have that song ;-)
AbsintheXL: Out of NINE HOURS of music, you got THAT ONE
AbsintheXL: This isn't even a long song! 2:45

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